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Thanks to the support of our patrons and fans, Akasha now offers three first-rate destinations for you to wind down and wet your whistle, each with their own distinct vibe, all with Akasha’s great beer.

Akasha Taproom

Drop by our Taproom in Five Dock, Sydney to unwind, dine and explore more deeply the unique flavours of Akasha’s craft – straight from the source. From food trucks to trivia and cruisey tunes for lazy afternoons, it’s the perfect spot to enjoy a refreshing drop.

Fill your growler from our rotating selection of beers (including exciting one-offs and seasonal experiments not available elsewhere), pick up some merch, grab a 4-pack or simply watch the brewers at work in our temple of hops: Akasha’s spiritual home is open to all.

The Edwards
by Akasha

Tucked away in Newcastle’s booming West End, The Edwards is the old steel city’s home of food, music and culture. A place for the people, with a menu of seasonal produce and top quality cuts, curated wines, cocktails handcrafted with love, and exceptional craft beer.

Feast, drink, or flick through the vinyls, books and tees of our on-site record store. Kick back at our Friday Super Chill Sessions, or just soak up the vibes in our beer garden. That’s The Edwards – unforgettable and unique experiences, for the people, and of the people.

The Barrel Room
by Akasha

A unique hospitality destination in the heart of Leichhardt, Sydney, The Barrel Room was specially designed to showcase our Barrel Aged projects, and our growing passion for developing new, unique small batch artisanal beers for the most dedicated craft lover.

Imbibe, gather and unwind with great beer, wine and spirits paired with simple seasonal food, and experience Akasha’s ground-breaking Barrel Aged range – the finest, most refined flavours that premium craft beer can offer – exclusively at The Barrel Room.