1. Tell us a bit about how you got your start in brewing. 

I got given a Coopers homebrew kit for my 21st Birthday. Made some terrible beer for a while then started to move into partial mash then all grain brewing. A few more years down the track and I got into the TAFE brewing course and landed the job at Akasha.  

  1. What’s your favourite all-time beer and why?  

I’d say my favourite pub draught has to be Reschs but Ballast Point Grapefruit Sculpin holds a very special place in my heart. 

  1. Can you recall the first drop you brewed that was a hit, or made you realise that brewing was what you wanted to do?  

A few years back I made a robust English Brown which won a comp and had a 400L of it made over at Small Batch. Watching that getting main lined by a pile of people was pretty rewarding so I thought I'd see if I could turn that into a career. 

  1. What do you find most fascinating about brewing beer?  

I’d say the blend of the biological and the mechanical aspects that all combine to eventually come out of a tap into a glass. 

  1. When did you start brewing with Akasha and what made you want to work for Akasha? 

I started in 2022. Akasha was the closest brewery to where I grew up and it was conveniently located directly between me and another mate’s house, so we were drinking there since basically year 1. It was always such a warm and welcoming place so when the opportunity came up I jumped at it. 

  1.  What do you like best about Akasha’s brew culture? 

Everyone in the whole team always puts in 110% which really shows we all care so much about everything that we do to put beer in hands and smiles on faces. 

  1.  Is there a particular kind of beer that you wish it were possible to brew for Akasha, no matter how outlandish? 

Bring back Fire Within  

  1. If you have only $10 left in your wallet, what would you get at the shops? 

A tradies handbag and a pack of rolls. If you snag it at the end of the day probably have enough to get a tub of coleslaw too.