You all know how much we love squeezing those big fruit flavours out of your favourite hops. It’s a hallmark of the Akasha house style, and of West Coast IPAs more generally. We love the punch, the characters, the aromas. So, one day in the brewery, we kicked the tyres on something a little different, that still sought to celebrate the sacred fruits our tastebuds all love.

Introducing the Tropicália Catharina Sour. Drawing on the distinctive Brazilian style of beer, itself inspired by the classic Germanic Berliner Wiesse style that has shaped the tastes of generations of South Americans, the Tropicália is a fruit-forward sour that is refreshing, tart, and oh-so-tasty. Showcasing the beauty of its fruit characters – a taut tropical marriage of guava and pineapple – it’s the perfect beer to see in the spring.

And the name? Inspired by the popular late-60s multicultural movement in Brazil that blended everything from pop art to psychedelia, encompassing film, poetry, theatre and musical styles in a melange of explosive creativity, Tropicália is our love letter to the energy, passion, and sheer sexiness of South America. Like its world-class artists and thinkers, we were inspired to push the envelope of our craft and see what was on the other side.

Olá, sour lovers

There’s a certain challenge to a kettle-soured beer, balancing that lovely lactic acidity with the acidity from the fruit. In a lot of ways, Tropicália’s a junior sibling to our Barrel Aged sours – for those too impatient to let the barrel ageing take place, in any case! Composed of a pale and wheat base with Warrior hops, pineapple, guava, the result is just belo.

Light and slightly hazy in the glass from the wheat with a golden-pink hue from the guava and pineapple fruit additions, expect a tropical nose with a tinge of tartness – an aperitivo for the palate, as it were, where those bold tropical fruits burst forth with minimal bitterness and mouth-watering edge. Finishing with a clean, layered acidity, it’s moreish in the best possible way and magic on the tongue.

Vibrant, delicious and just a little daring, we reckon Tropicália is going to prove an absolute banger with the warmer months at our doorstep – a sunshine sipper with the potential to transport you straight to the azure waters of Guanabara Bay, and the delights of Rio in high season. Is it party time? It’s party time. Grab a four-pack from our beer shop or Taproom and let us know what you think on the socials. Saúdinha!