We opened a new chapter in our story with the opening of the Barrel Room by Akasha in October of 2022. A unique hospitality destination in the heart of Leichhardt, Sydney, The Barrel Room has been purpose-built to showcase our passion for the very best in premium small batch craft brewing and quality Australian produce.

The Barrel Aged range that led to the creation of The Barrel Room represents the pinnacle of the brewing art, with each beer representing a true labour of love. Carefully crafted from the finest ingredients and allowed to gently age for months, sometimes years in specialty barrels, each Barrel Age beer tells a unique story.

“We’ve been fortunate to get our hands on some great barrels to help develop the flavours in this range…”

“These beers are alive in every sense of the word,” says Dave Padden, founder. “We were really at the edges of what’s possible in brewing, and wanted to see how else we could push the envelope and continue to evolve people’s expectations of what beer can be – we’re still a hop-forward brewery, no doubt, but these really show a different side to our capabilities.”

Previously exclusive to The Barrel Room by Akasha, these ultra-premium beers have now been made available in the Akasha online shop, to bring their unique qualities and complex palates to a greater audience of dedicated and aspiring craft beer aficionados.

“We’ve been fortunate to get our hands on some great barrels to help develop the flavours in this range – old Jack Daniels’ and Pedro Ximénez barrels, former chardonnay barrels from our friends at Robert Stein – and it’s incredible to see how the beer takes on and reflects those characters,” says Akasha’s head brewer, Gareth Bowen.

A seasonal range by nature, Akasha’s Barrel Aged beers will continue to evolve over time, and encompass everything from the sophisticated Sour Blonde Ale, made with a blend of lambic cultures, to the heavy-hitting Belgian Quadruple, aged in Jack Daniels barrels, and the Imperial Stout, aged in whiskey barrels sourced from Heaven Hill Distillery in good ol’ Kentucky.

If you haven’t tried them before, there’s no better time than now to head over to the Akasha online beer shop and snap some up. Rich, complex, layered and as beautifully balanced as any Akasha beer, the Barrel Range is the craft, evolved.