One tune we just couldn’t get out of our heads over the hazy pandemic days was a certain slinky sleeper hit by UK indie band Glass Animals. Released in 2020, ‘Heat Waves’ – from the album Dreamland – was mainlined by us at the brewery, letting our minds roam a little further afar during that weird shut-in year or so.

So when we were sketching ideas for a hot new take on an ice cold summer smasher, its shimmering chords came back with a big draught of nostalgia and the immediate urge to shape up to the warm season head on with a tropical fruit bomb that could be enjoyed by beer lovers of all stripes, from true Akasha Project hop-heads to novice flavournauts.

A dash of Talus, a soup-spoon of Strata and a sprinkle of Sabro later, and hey presto – Heat Waves Tropical IPA was born. Bursting at the seams with flavours of mango, papaya, lime, pineapple, coconut and passionfruit, pouring the colour of sweet tropical sunshine and with minimal bitterness for maximum drinkability, it’s a blast from start to finish.

Dressed with distinctive synth-wave can art and weighing in at a shiny 6.5% ABV, we reckon it’s going to be just the thing for those who want that extra fruity flavour ringing in their mouth as the mercury rises, settling in for a sesh before the sun sinks into the sea on those long languid evenings of summer.

What are you waiting for? Bust open the wallet and head over to our beer store pronto to snap some of this seasonal stunner up for yourself – while stocks last!