Czech Pilsner is a style that doesn’t get a lot of hype, but we’re damned if we know why – it’s the kind of super approachable beer that, when done right, can absolutely tear your taste buds a new one with its medium-to-rich malt flavour and spicy floral hops complexity.

So when we pressed our fingers to our temples and mused hard on what our next limited release beer was to be, lo! An image presented to our inner vision, of a tasty number fermented with a special Czech Pilsner yeast strain, made for unadorned drinking pleasure.

With just five ingredients at play – Saaz hops, floor-malted Pilsner, Gladiator malt, Pilsner yeast and Canada Bay’s finest filtered water, there’s nowhere to hide with this style: the brewing and fermentation process had to be flawless. We’ve let this one sit in the tank for a good while now to make sure it’s extra-ready for prime time, and boy howdy – is it ever.

Refreshing and flavoursome with the malts and hops precisely poised, Psychic Pils scans in at 5% ABV for a sessionable, social beer that will rock your mind in the most pleasant manner possible. Like, you won’t be seeing through time or anything, but you may start feeling at one with everything in that warm, fuzzy way after a few glasses.

In fact, it’s so good you may start to suspect it’s part of some CIA mind control program or Illuminati initiation scheme or some such. We wouldn’t know. Even if we did, we couldn’t tell you. I mean, we’d love to, but it’s simply not worth the lives of our first born children.

What we can tell you is that’s it’s available now from our beer shop, as well as selected stockists. Get your brain around it before the powers that be bring it back behind the curtain for good…