Korben is back. So too, sadly, are trying times for many of our customers. We’ll have more to say about Korben in just a moment. Firstly, we wanted to share a message from our founder and CEO for all those who might be doing it a little tough at the moment in light of recent events.

From Dave:

“I wanted to take this opportunity to reach out to all of our customers that have experienced extremely rough times recently. Whilst the last two years have been tough to navigate for all of us, the beginning of 2022 has been particularly difficult for everyone, compounded by the wild weather that has lashed the East Coast last/this week.

Everyone here at Akasha is thinking of you and please let us know if there is anything we can do to assist you getting back on your feet – we are here to help in any way we can. We’ll do whatever is in our power to assist, so reach out if you need to."

On to other news, the first release of Korben Double IPA has landed for the year. “Korben is a beer close to our hearts here at Akasha, as it exemplifies everything we are about – big, hop-forward, West Coast-style IPAs,” says Dave.

“This is the sixth year of brewing Korben and demand has continued to grow year on year. Around this time, we wait patiently for the new season hops to arrive in Australia from the United States – and once we have them in our hands, we don’t waste any time getting Korben into the fermenters.”

In fact, it’s shaping up to be possibly the best year yet for Korben, which has played an enormous part in the evolution and success of Akasha, greeted with extra-good vibes and critical acclaim on its every release.

“I’m very excited to say, the new season US hops this year are better than ever, particularly the Mosaic that takes centre stage in Korben,” says Dave. “Don’t miss out on one of the best Korben releases in years.”

If that’s not enough to make you thirsty, we don’t know what is. Get it while you can here. And to all our affected fans, customers, distributors, suppliers and friends – take care, stay safe, and we’re here if you need us.

NSW Stockists

Sapphire Cellars, Merimbula
Cringila Cellars, Cringila
Club Rivers, Riverwood
Plonk, Fyswhick ACT
Prohibition Bottleshop, Kingston ACT
Prohibition Bottleshop, Curtin ACT
Bitter Phew, Darlinghurst
Odd Culture, Newtown
Union Hotel, Newtown
Loftus Liquor, Loftus
Steve's Cool Booze, Kingsford
Supercellars, Banksia
Page Bottler, Page ACT
Liquor Emporium, St Peters
Liquor Emporium, Marrickville Metro
Liquor Emporium, Alexandria
Bottlo, Narellan Vale

Bottlo, Glen Alpine
Candamber Liquor, Weston ACT
George IV, Picton
Stanmore Cellars, Stanmore
Cannons Liquor & Co, Googong
Balmain Wine Shop, Balmain
Beer Cartel, Artarmon
Berkeley Vale Cellars, Berkeley Vale
D’vine Cellars, Wentworth Falls
Lock Stock & Bottle, Abbotsford
Midway Cellars, Denistone East
Murray's Liquor, Glenbrook
Northmead Bottlemart, Northmead
Oldfield Cellars, West Gosford
Tacking Point Tavern Bottle Shop, Port Macquarie
Tamworth Hotel Bottleshop, Tamworth
Westside Hotel, Dubbo

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